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Provisions for a Generous Life
Shop Good offers clothing and gifts with quality and story
for those with more thoughtful style
Gives back locally
Gives back globally
No matter what you buy at Shop Good, a portion of your sale supports a deserving effort to strengthen communities and meet real needs both here in Oklahoma City and around the world.
Made in Oklahoma
Made in America
Certified Fair Trade
Sweatshop free
We work exclusively with companies who holistically demonstrate a passion for a quality product and for a respectful and healthy production process. It’s important to us to use our power as consumers to create a demand for products that are made with a sense of pride, a touch of ingenuity and plenty of care for the people and places involved in creating them.
Earth friendly

We value what’s classic, well-made and long-lasting over flimsy fashion that’s easily discarded, because we value the worth of the lives and livelihoods behind each piece of cloth. It’s important to us that our products and price points inspire and empower our customers to spend thoughtfully, since saving a few dollars can often come at a high human and environmental cost.
Shop Good + ReMerge
From July 2014 through June 2015, our local giving will be directed to ReMerge.
ReMerge is a new comprehensive female diversion program that gives pregnant women and mothers facing incarceration in Oklahoma County the tools and relationships they need to become productive community citizens.

These women — who are all facing jail time for non-violent crimes and have been recommended by a judge or DA — are given an opportunity for rehabilitation through full-time participation in ReMerge. Many of them are struggling with trauma, shame, addiction and unmet mental health needs, without the safety of supportive family or friends. But with ReMerge’s compassion and expertise, many of them are capable of taking back the control of their lives, and the lives of their young children, who desperately need a healthy, happy mom who’s committed to breaking the cycle of violence, substance abuse and poverty.

ReMerge gives each woman a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan, tailored to her individual situation. Participants are placed in monitored sober living housing and complete a 12–24 month program to address their mental, physical and emotional needs. The program allows the women time not just to get specialized, intensive treatment, but also to adjust to living sober, to holding down a job, to going back to school for a degree or GED — with the ultimate goal of being reunited with their kids.
During it’s 3 years in operation, ReMerge has accepted 86 participants, impacting the lives of over 170 minor children, and has successfully graduated 20 of them, with about 50 still in the program.

We’re so proud to partner with you, our customers, in supporting these amazing women on their path to health and purpose. We commit to donating 5% of gross sales of items designated as “ReMerge give back products” directly to ReMerge over the next year.

Learn more about ReMerge and female incarceration in Oklahoma.
Shop Good's Print Shop
Shop Good tee shirts are designed and screen printed in small batches here at our Oklahoma City shop. The blank shirts we start with are comfortable, durable, fitted and certified sweatshop-free. And the inks we use are biodegradable and water-based, which gives our prints a natural, soft feel and a vintage wash look. Every part of our process, from mixing the ink color to pulling the ink across the screen, is carefully done by hand by our dedicated printshop team.

We also work with local artists to produce collaborative designs — like our This Land Press series, a collection of tees featuring original cover artwork from this Tulsa-based bi-weekly newspaper.

Our screen printed goods are available at wholesale prices for qualified buyers. To inquire about placing a wholesale order, please contact us at