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Floral Elixer Eau de Toilette – Rose Geranium


0.3 oz

Made in France

In stock

An intense powdery floral trace, married to the green facet of Geranium. This floral scent, which invites you to indulge in silky-softness, is proposed in a novel take-everywhere size. 

Whether you’re travelling, wish to discover or add an extra little something to enhance your everyday perfume, this roll-on sparks a new mode which leaves an extraordinary fresh sillage on the skin like an ode to the opalescence of flower petals. Slide the roll-on over pulse points: neck, wrists, behind the ears. Renew as often as you wish.

All Panier de Sens fragrances are created by master perfumers in Grasse, heart of the mondial High Perfumery and listed as UNESCO World Heritage. With exceptional natural raw materials, they are exclusive to the brand.