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Designed for adventure, this merch collection is ready for the road

Adam, Kathryn, & Kona, also known as Adventures of A+K, are an adventurous married couple (+ pup!) traveling full time and showcasing must-visit local eats, popular and off the beaten path sights, different cultures, and epic hiking trails along the way.

What started as nonstop weekend adventuring in Seattle turned into over 4 years (and counting) of life on the road, when they converted a cargo Sprinter van into their home on wheels. Since then, they’ve visited all 50 states, including biking across one of them, explored 5 Canadian Provinces and 2 Canadian Territories, driven up to the Arctic Ocean, flown to 5 countries, and have an endless list of future adventures planned.

Through their detailed travel guides and YouTube videos, their goal is to help and encourage others to get out there and explore, whether it’s in their own backyard, a faraway destination, or a hidden gem that they never considered.