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Cucumber Mint Lime Mixer


Made in the USA

16 oz — makes about 6 cocktails!

Ingredients: cucumber juice, water, lime juice, honey and mint

In stock

Refreshing. That’s the perfect word to describe this delicious craft cocktail mixer. It’s light, citrusy flavors pair perfectly with vodka, gin or sparkling water for a delicious mocktail. Our Cucumber Mint Lime premium cocktail mixer is made simply with cucumber, water, lime, honey and mint. That’s it!

Easy to use: Grab a glass, add some ice, pour Mixly mixer, then your preferred liquor or soda water, stir and enjoy! 

Handcrafted with fresh Ingredients: The key to any good cocktail is fresh ingredients. That’s why Mixly is handcrafted using high-quality ingredients like, fresh squeezed juices, and honey made simple syrup to provide a unique and refreshing cocktail experience.

Sweetened with Honey: No cane sugar or artificial sweeteners here! Mixly is made with all natural honey for the perfect touch of sweetness.

Cocktail or Mocktail mixer: Perfect for a non alcoholic drink set or a zero proof bar category. Or, great in a cocktail/bar tools section! Mixly is made to mix your way.

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