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The Tiger King Drinking Game Kit

Whether you’re a Joe Exotic superfan or just on day 20 of your quarantine and super, super bored, this set has what you need for your next Netflix Party (except the backwoods mullet).

  • Limited edition “I Saw A Tiger” Tee
  • The Exotic craft cocktail kit
  • Our original “That B**** Carole Baskin” drinking game

The Tiger King Drinking Game Kit


The Exotic

This custom craft cocktail recipe was created for us by Julia McLish, owner of Barkeep. Julia shares our love enthusiasm fascination (?) with Joe Exotic, his many husbands, and his arch nemesis, the infamous Carole Baskin, and was eager to design a drink inspired by the mayhem.

The best kept secret in Midtown, Barkeep is OKC’s premiere place to get everything from barwares to educational bartending classes to an after-work cocktail.

I Saw A Tiger Tee



I Saw A Tiger Baseball Tee



Wynnewood Hat



Tiger King Button Pack