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  • $25.00
  • A brass-platted necklace with a gemstone at the center
  • A photo of a black necklace with gold stones at the bottom
  • A brass necklace with rose quartz gemstones at the cusp of the chain.
  • A brass acorn necklace
  • A brass necklace with a bee on the end
  • Brass platted earrings in the shape of cicadas
  • close up photo of a shield shaped necklace with a crystal in the middle
  • Brass platted bracelet with the words BFF engraved on them
  • A brass banded cuff bracelet with a quartz gemstone in the center
  • A photo of a brass necklace with black beads
  • A gold necklace with a rose gold stone as the center piece
  • A photo of gold kamilah earrings with black center stones
  • $30.00