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Custom Apparel Printing

We use high quality blank shirts, earth friendly inks & ethical materials throughout our process. Our team prints every shirt by hand, giving our prints a high quality look and feel. For businesses that share our values & aesthetic we’d love to make some shirts for you!

If this sounds like what you’re looking for and you plan to order a minimum of 20 shirts, fill out this quick form and we’ll send you a quote

Do you have artwork already?

Would you like us to design your artwork? (starts at $500 per design)

Please email your atwork to printshop@shopgoodokc.com. Include the following information:


Printed by hand

Screenprinting is an art. We’ve kept our printshop manual so that each print gets the full attention of an expert printer.



Earth friendly

All of our materials are non-toxic & biodegradable – no harmful chemicals for people or the planet.



Sweatshop free

We start with blank shirts made in WRAP certified factories to ensure everybody in the supply chain was paid and treated fairly.



Boutique quality cotton

Preconditioned garments and a sturdy side seam mean a more durable shirt that won’t shrink or twist in the wash. Our shirts will hold up to everyday use without sacrificing comfort.